Dear media,


Thank you for your interest in our concussion consensus process.  As mentioned in our previous press release of October 27th, 2022, the 6thInternational Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport is part of a scientific process that is ongoing and still in progress.  The outputs of the conference are expected to be published in the late spring of 2023 at which time we would be happy to discuss the process and outputs with you. 


To protect the scientific integrity of the process attendees, expert panelists, observers and all who were involved were asked not to share the conference content as the process is still ongoing.  The same holds for the expert panel meeting and discussions of the tools on the third and fourth days of the conference.  You can find a summary of the overall process online at the conference website, which may address some of your questions. 


If you would like us to notify you at the time of the publication of the consensus statement , or reach us for comment before then, please reach out to our Communications Manager: Mark Agius at