6th International Consensus Conference in Concussion in Sport

27-30 October 2022

Medical Events Terms & Conditions, Privacy Notice and Cancellation Policy

Section 1 – Terms applicable to your participation to the Conference

As a participant to the 6th International Consensus Conference in Concussion in Sport which will take place in Amsterdam from 27 to 28 October 2022 for all participants and on 29 and 30 October 2022 for the Scientific Committee, Expert Panels and Observers (“Conference”), you agree that your participation is subject to you accepting, and complying with, these Medical Events Terms & Conditions, Privacy Notice and Cancellation Policy (“Conference Terms”), which have been determined by the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”).

1.1 Olympic Properties

You shall not, and will not, without the prior written consent of the IOC, (i) use, or authorise the use of, any Olympic symbol, emblem, trademark, theme, logo, mascot or other designation, and/or (ii) conduct any communication that may suggest, directly or indirectly, that you are a sponsor or supplier of the IOC, the Olympic Movement or the Olympic Games or that you maintain any particular relation with them, and/or (iii) represent that you are an IOC employee or that you are mandated by the IOC.

1.2 Image Rights and Licence to use your Contribution

As a participant, you acknowledge and agree to being filmed, recorded and/or photographed at the occasion of the Conference by the IOC (directly or via any third party for the IOC), as well as by other participants in accordance with clause 1.3 below.

Therefore, you hereby grant to the IOC and any entities or companies now existing or to be created, owned or directly or indirectly controlled by the IOC such as, without limitation, the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, IOC Television & Marketing Services S.A., Olympic Channel Services S.A., Olympic Broadcasting Services S.A. and their respective affiliates (“IOC & Affiliates”), all licences and permissions needed to use, and to authorise third parties to use, in accordance with these Conference Terms:

  • your image, name(s), likeness, voice, biographical information, and/or other expressions of your personality (your “Image”); and
  • your contribution to the Conference (which shall be understood as including any and all contents, elements, data, presentations, speeches, information and other materials created and/or provided by you for, or in relation with, the Conference, such as, without limitation, documents, texts, still or moving images, other audio-visual contents, feedbacks, testimonials, quotes, etc.) (your “Content”).

Your Image and your Content are together being referred to herein as your “Contribution”.

The licences and permissions granted pursuant to this clause 1.2 are non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable and sublicensable and they cover the use of your Contribution without restriction of any kind, including, without limitation, the right to edit, adapt, translate, modify, combine with other materials, distribute, communicate, reproduce, broadcast, publish, transmit, create derivative works and/or otherwise use or exploit your Contribution (in whole or in part).

In this regard, you agree and confirm that the Content may be distributed worldwide, in particular through media platforms operated directly or indirectly by the IOC & Affiliates or third parties authorised by them. You also understand and agree that the IOC & Affiliates can use (including distribute) your Contribution, in whole or in part, live and on demand, in particular for the Authorised Purposes (as defined below), in any media, format or technology now known or later devised, without any restrictions, including of time or territory. The IOC & Affiliates may sub-license the right to use (including to distribute) your Contribution, in particular for the purpose of promoting the Conference, the IOC & Affiliates, the Olympic Games, the Olympic movement and/or the Olympic values (the “Authorised Purposes”).

In any case, your Contribution will not be used to produce any content that creates a direct personal commercial endorsement by you of a particular product or service, without your consent.

You hereby confirm, and warrant to the IOC & Affiliates, that (i) you are entitled and have all necessary rights to grant, free of charge, the licences and permissions pursuant to this clause 1.2; (ii) your Contribution is free of any encumbrance and does not, and its use by the IOC & Affiliates and/or third parties authorised by them in accordance with these Conference Terms will not, infringe on the rights (including copyright, other intellectual property rights, image rights and other rights) of any third party; and (iii) neither the licences and permissions granted pursuant to this clause 1.2, nor the use of your Contribution (by the IOC & Affiliates and/or third parties in accordance with these Conference Terms) will cause any payment to be due to any third party (including collecting societies).

1.3 Videos, Photographs and References to the Conference

Unless indicated otherwise during the Conference, you are authorised to take pictures or videos during the Conference, as well as to post such pictures or videos and/or to make references to the Conference on your personal owned and controlled digital platforms (such as social media accounts/pages, blogs, websites, etc.) provided that it (i) is factually correct and for the sole purpose of promoting the Conference, (ii) not used for any promotional and/or commercial activity or purpose, (iii) respects the rights of any and all third-parties, including their right to privacy or private information and intellectual property rights, (iv) complies with all applicable laws, regulations and rules (including, where applicable, the terms of social media platforms) and (v) does not, and is not likely to, expose the IOC & Affiliates, or any third party or bring them into disrepute. You authorise the IOC & Affiliates and any third parties authorised by them to repost and/or share on their digital platforms, your contents and posts related to the Conference. Furthermore, you agree to immediately remove and/or delete any of your contents and/or posts related to the Conference at the first request of the IOC.

You understand that (part of) your Contribution might be captured in photographs, recordings, videos and/or posts taken/made by other participants during the Conference and hereby authorise such participants to use the photographs, recordings, videos and/or posts on which (part of) your Contribution appears/is included provided the conditions listed in the first paragraph of this clause 1.3 are complied with.

1.4 Content co-created with other participants

In the event you participate/collaborate in the creation of contents such as, without limitation, publications, findings, conclusions, articles, recommendations, statements, documents and other scientific material (the “Created Content”) during, or in connection with, the Conference, you hereby expressly confirm, acknowledge and agree that:

  • the Created Content has been created in close collaboration between several scientific and/or medical experts (including yourself and, as applicable, other participants, lecturers, experts, etc.) who shall be considered as joint authors of the Created Content;
  • the Created Content is the result of common and collaborative processes and, therefore, the contributions from each of the joint authors (including yourself) cannot be separated, nor used independently from, the Created Content;
  • you have not transferred or licensed any right, title or interest in and to the Created Content to any third party, nor otherwise disposed from, or encumbered in any manner, any such right, title or interest;
  • it is of utmost importance that the Created Content can be made available to the public and shared/used as widely as possible. Therefore, all joint authors shall, and you hereby, agree to (i) the publication of the Created Content in any scientific and/or medical magazines/publications (such as the “British Journal of Sports Medicine”), (ii) the Created Content being available to the public on the websites, social media handles and/or channels of the IOC & Affiliates, International Sports Federations and/or other sport entities, and (iii) make the Created Content available to the public and authorize third parties to reuse and/or redistribute the Created Content provided the authors are properly acknowledged (for example via a Creative Commons license).

Section 2 – Privacy Notice

This privacy notice outlines the different types of personal data processed by the IOC and its business partners in the context of your registration and attendance of the IOC-sponsored medical Conference .For any aspects not referred to within this Privacy Notice, please refer to the IOC Privacy Policy.

2.1 Purposes of processing of personal data

As data controller, the IOC will process your personal data for the purposes of:

  • enabling you to register for and to attend the Conference and to book other services in relation to your attendance to said Conference (the “Services”);
  • informing you about future conferences or similar events.

2.2 Personal data collected

Personal data processed through the present registration platform (the “Platform”) can be categorized as follows:

  • Contact information: title, name and surname, telephone number, mobile number, email address.
  • Registration information: gender, company/institution, profession, medical specialty, country of residence, membership with an International Sports Federation, another type of federation, a sports association and/or a National Olympic Committee, consent logs for users who subscribed to the 6th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport newsletter, password, promotion code, office address, invoicing address.
  • Information related to your status as university student: copy of your University official ID with name, surname, photo and registration number in order obtain a discount on the registration fee.
  • Information related to your accommodation: diet preferences, travelling dates, arrival and departure times; arrival and departure flight numbers, guest details, need for a visa, food allergy, disabilities that have impact on hotel reservation, conference and restaurants accessibility.
  • Additional information related to the need to obtain a visa: passport details (number, issuance date, expiry date, place of issuance, country) date and place of birth.
  • Data collected during your participation to the Conference: photos, videos, recordings of the Conference.

With particular regard to recordings, please note that some sessions of the Conference may be recorded and used in whole or in part for institutional purposes, including in the context of future events and for the time that is strictly necessary for this purpose. As a participant, you agree to such recordings and uses. Relevant information will be provided at the beginning of each recorded session so that, if you oppose to such recordings, you will have the choice not to participate to such session.

Your credit card information will be processed by Mercanet (BNP Paribas platform), an independent payment service provider. The IOC will not access your credit card information.

2.3 Cookies

The IOC will only use strictly necessary cookies that allow you to navigate this website. These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website and cannot be disabled in the IOC’s systems. They are generally set only in response to your actions that are equivalent to a request for services, such as setting privacy preferences, logging in or filling out forms. You may set your browser to alert you to the presence of these cookies or to block them, but in this case, some parts of the website’s will not function.

2.4 Entities with whom personal data is shared

Personal data may be accessible by the following categories of entities, who are working on the IOC’s behalf, as necessary to carry out the above-mentioned purposes:

  • service providers specialized in the organisation of events and online booking solutions;
  • catering service providers.

Personal data may be transferred by the IOC to independent service providers such as:

  • hotels and venues;
  • transportation service providers.

Those service providers are bound to strict confidentiality obligations under agreements concluded with the IOC.

2.5 Source of the personal data collected about you

All abovementioned categories of personal data will be collected directly from you.

2.6 Grounds for processing personal data

We process your personal data for the abovementioned purposes based on:

  1. contractual necessity in order to process your booking request and provide you with accommodation services;
  2. our legitimate interest to promote the Olympic movement and the Olympic values;
  3. where relevant, on your consent to (i) receive newsletters from the IOC and/ or (ii) in case you disclose any information related to your diet or disability as part of your registration.

2.7 Storage and Personal data retention period

The IOC will retain your personal data for no longer than necessary for the above-mentioned purposes and as authorised by applicable laws.

2.8 Personal data security

Technical and organisational measures have been taken, by both the IOC and the entities with whom your personal data is shared, to protect personal data from any risk of damage, destruction, loss or unauthorised access, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

2.9 International transfer of personal data

Generally, the IOC will not transfer personal data outside of Switzerland and/or the European Union. Yet, transfer of personal data may occur for the purpose of processing identifying data set forth in this privacy notice, to the above-mentioned entities with whom personal data is shared, some of whom may be based in countries whose laws do not ensure equivalent protection of personal data as the regulations in force in Switzerland or the European Union. Prior to transferring personal data to these countries, safeguard mechanisms recognised by Swiss and European authorities, such as model contractual clauses, will be implemented in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

2.10 Your rights

To exercise your data subjects’ rights, notably to request access, restriction of such processing, deletion or correction of any erroneous or incomplete data, to object to the processing of your information on grounds relating to your particular situation, or to withdraw your consent at any given moment, please contact the IOC through its dedicated portal.

Section 3 – Cancellation policy


Notification of cancellation of registration must be sent in writing to the Organising Secretariat at info@concussionconference.org and will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Cancellation received before 29 July 2022:

the payment will be refunded after the Conference, less 30% of the amount paid.

  • Cancellation received from 30 July 2022:

no refund will be provided.


It is possible to request a refund before 27 May 2022. After this date, refund requests will no longer be accepted, and your registration will remain confirmed for October 2022.


Please kindly note that the hotel rates are expressly negotiated for the Conference participants and are subject to specific conditions:

  • Minimum stay of 2 nights (27 and 28 October);
  • Notification of cancellation of new individual hotel reservations must be sent in writing to the Organising Secretariat at info@concussionconference.org and will be subject to the following conditions:
  • Cancellations made before 29 July 2022: the payment will be refunded after the Conference and after deduction of one night room rate.
  • Cancellations made from 30 July 2022: no refund will be provided.


It is possible to request a refund before 27 May 2022. After this date, refund requests will no longer be accepted. If no refund is requested, your booking will be automatically transferred to the new dates and new hotel. As the rates for Paris and Amsterdam are different, the Organising Secretariat will contact you in due course to update your booking and refund the overpayment.